About Germany

About Germany

Food-Made in Germany e. V. does not trade directly with products but coordinates the activities of its members. We provide internationals buyers, importers and foreign retailers with useful contacts and matchmaking solutions. We also organize face-to-face meetings via Videocall at international trade fairs and liaise management meetings for selected members on international trips abroad. Sign up for our newsletter. It will familiarize you with the challenges of the Germany market and provide you with excellent background information.

About Germany

Food processing in Germany*

The food and beverage industry is the fourth-largest industry sector in Germany with more than 6,000 food manufacturers employing over 610,000 people. 90% of manufacturers are small and medium-sized companies, often family businesses. With sales of € 185.3 billion (2019), the German food industry is the leader in Europe. The category share of sales in 2019 showed meat & sausages (25%), dairy products (15.3%), baked goods (9.8%) as well as confectionery and long-life baked goods (7.2%).

The export quota is 33% (€ 62.2 billion, of which €48 billion was exported within the EU). The geographical location in Europe, reliable logistics, modern technology and large trade fairs make our country an attractive entry point into the European food and beverage market.

About Germany

German grocery markets*

In 2019, the total turnover of food retail in Germany was € 271.89 billion. The retail sector is characterized by fierce competition with a few large suppliers and is often defined by discounters in the entry-level area. E-commerce with food in Germany is developing rather slowly. The largest five retailers share 67.7% of market sales, the top ten already 83.3%.

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*Sources: 2019/2020
BVE, Lebensmittelzeitung, GTAI und BÖLW, eigene Darstellung

Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Food and agriculture are subjects that affect all citizens directly. The BMEL’s main aims include promoting a well-balanced and healthy diet with safe food, providing clear consumer information with regard to food purchases, promoting strong and sustainable agricultural, forestry and fisheries sectors, creating good prospects for our many rural areas, improving animal welfare and promoting global food security.
In terms of international affairs, the Ministry works at European, bilateral and multilateral level to promote healthy food, strong agriculture, an intact environment and intact habitats.
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Related websites

The website of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture provides fundamental information. Find statistical information on the Federal Statistical Office portal. AUMA presents food fairs. The GEFA e.V. promotes the framework conditions for the export of food and products from the German agricultural sector. For investment and trade data visit "Germany Trade and Invest - GTAI". The German Chambers of Commerce are represented in over 140 offices in 92 countries. The Import Promotion Desk supports exporters wanting to enter the German market in 13 countries. The “LZ Lebensmittelzeitung” is a leading trade magazine for the food trade.

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